Below are just a few of the horses we have been Blessed to have in our life.
click on the pic for each story

  1. McZippos In The Money McZippos Ratchett x Money For The Sting Watch for Zip and Haleigh - they are working hard on Lunge Line and In Hand Trail. he is going ot be a Spectacular Ranch Horse
    Title 1
  2. JD- JD had several issues when I met him. Ulcers, Atrophy in his back and shoulders due to ill fitting saddles, and somewhere a bad experience when he was started. Now 6 months later after a visit to Dr Peggy Fleming he is sound and happy. Watch for him to be hitting the shows soon in Ranch and Western Dressage.
    Title 2
  3. Designed By Diversify Now retired, but always one of our Favs. Dd was our fav Lesson horse, Show Horse Extraordinaire and taught a lot of kids how to ride Bridle less and do a Shankless Showmanship Pattern.
    Title 3
  4. DD In the Ditch
    Title 4
  5. Ground Work Lessons
    Title 5
  6. Waiting for her rider to retur Patience is the sign of a great horse...
    Title 6
  7. Bradley - one of our Rescues. He was a Great Lesson horse and has found a new home. he enjoys Hunter Paces, Mounted Shooting and Trail Rides with his owner.
    Title 7
  8. Horse Care From the Hoof Up
    Title 8
  9. Kira Just Hanging Out with Blanca. Blanca went over the Rainbow Bridge recently and we all miss her. She was the Corner Stone of our program for several years.
    Title 9
  10. BL Tumalo Jet & Gerri Western Pleasure
    Title 10
  11. The kids Love Obstacles & Trail
    Title 11
  12. California Trouble on the Left and one of his sons in a HUS Calif State Fair Horseshow - we were 2nd and he was third in a class of 34 riders
    Title 13
  13. Money For the Sting and Nikki FQHA Novice show Blondie was a Special Rescue. She Picked Nikki and the rest was history. She was sold as a broodmare a few years ago and this past year came back to us. She will retire here...
    Title 14
  14. Cee Me Zippin Thsi mare had to be rescued from the people she was sold to. We rehabbed her, but she had rotated too far to be saved. She went over the Rainbow Bridge and is galloping pain free...
    Title 15
  15. Sparkle Bright and me Reno Rodeo with the Chico Bonanza Riders Drill Team Sparkle Bright-Dam of Desert Delite I started riding Sparkle when she was 18 and I was 15. We bred her at 22 to a friends paint stallion Desert Dandy.
    Title 16
  16. None Dun Better & me
    Title 17
  17. Shownuff Ehwaz out of a California Trouble mare
    Title 18
  18. California Twinkltoes - a California Trouble GR Daughter we raised
    Title 19
  19. The Blues Sister & Katie
    Title 20
  20. Bobby & Smokey
    Title 21
  21. Designed By Diversify & me
    Title 22
  22. Kona & Olivia
    Title 23
  23. First Ribbons
    Title 24
  24. Money For The Sting age 22
    Title 24
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